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Graham Pressman
The Bungalow Cart Gap Road
Happisburgh, Norfolk NR12 0QL

Telephone 07585 160 772
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Machinery Collection
Graham is a very experienced letterpress printer and he prints beer mats using a modern digital process and vintage letterpress machinery.
The hot metallic foiling of beer mats by special quotation is also possible


Now that I am retired, I can express myself on my own web site without fear of those with whom I disagree.

We have been offerred a Deal by the EU. It's not The Prime Minister's deal it's the only deal the EU has offerred. Make no mistake! It's a deal which is simply designed to tie us into the EU for the foreseable future. IT IS NOT LEAVING! It is NOT May's deal it's The EU's deal!

I do think that for MP's to tell us that they know better than the electroate is the height of arrogance and an afront to democracy. I would like them to represent the views of their voters, rather than to tell me that they have a responsibility to do what they think best.

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