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Machinery Collection
Graham is a very experienced letterpress printer and he prints beer mats using a modern digital process and vintage letterpress machinery.
The hot metallic foiling of beer mats by special quotation is also possible


Now that I am retired, I can express myself on my own web site without fear of those with whom I disagree.

OK, so here is my view. I voted to LEAVE. Nobody can convince me that I voted in any way as to the manner of our leaving. Honestly, I don't mind, AS LONG AS WE SHAKE OFF THE SHACKLES ON THE EU.

As a LEAVER, I am of the view that any form of LEAVE which doesn't tie us to the EU in any way is perfectly acceptable.

I have no reason to prefer not to trade with them, but it's without the EU regulatiing my life! The deal they offered is not leaving. Therefore, I say no to that deal (the only deal on the table for now); and YES, I have read every page of it.

If the EU will only trade with us with us freely is with all their fancy regulations imposed on every English person, then that's their choice and they're welcome to it. I'm not seekeing to force them.

Equally, I am perfectly happy for individuals or companies to trade with them under their regulations, if they so choose. Just don't impose that on me! My whole purpose is to reclaim personal FREEDOM TO CHOOSE.

If that freedom costs me, then that's OK by me. I do believe that any cost that comes our way because they won't trade with us freely would be temporary. I am not afraid to pay the price for what I want AND I WANT OUT!

On the other hand, I am hard pressed to see how the cost of being outside the EU can be more than the cost of being inside it.

Thus spake one of the millions of LEAVE voters.

In my opinion, any UK MP's who damage our chances of the freedoms for which we voted, they are betraying the nation, btraying democracy and are (once again, only in my view) traitors. Yes, I feel that strongly.

I voted to leave in the 1st referendum, lost the vote and had to put up with it all my working life.
I voted to leave in the 2nd referendum and one. MY TURN!

All the reasons I had for voting leave the 1st time have come to pass as I predicted. I have hated so much of it.
Only the decades of this awful experience give the the certainlty with which I live now.
I'm afraid some younger folk have not seen what I have seen. How we we were governed compared with how we are.
One example is that then our MP's were inclined to do as the public wanted. Now they are confident they know best. How can they think they know beter than the majority? That is the opinion of dictators.

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