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Graham Pressman
The Bungalow Cart Gap Road
Happisburgh, Norfolk NR12 0QL

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Machinery Collection
Graham is a very experienced letterpress printer and he prints beer mats using a modern digital process and vintage letterpress machinery.
The hot metallic foiling of beer mats by special quotation is also possible


Now that I am retired, I can express myself on my own web site without fear of those with whom I disagree.

OK, so here is my view. I voted to LEAVE along with the majority. I did not indicate any preference for the manner of that leaving. I left that to my elected representative in Parliament.

I cannot vote Lib Dem because I can't believe their pro-BREXIT project is even slightly liberal or democratic. .

There is no telling what Labour will do. How could I support that? I want to leave - with no doubt! .

The outsiders don't count for me .

That leaves a simple choice for me.
An ideal BREXIT with The Brexit Party
A less ideal BREXIT with The Conservative and Unionist Party .

I hate the diea of splitting the vote between 2 parties on the same basic side. .

Graham Pressman

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