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Mark and Graham Pressman
The Bungalow Cart Gap Road
Happisburgh, Norfolk NR12 0QL

Telephone 01692 582 292
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Albion Iron Handpress
Thompson Platens
Wharfedale Stop Cylinder
Lagonda Platens
Autovic Platens
Supermatic Stop Cylinders
Mercedes Glockner Stop Cylinder
Heidelberg Platen Range
The Catseye Press letterpress collection

We are honoured to have been given many of the presses in, what has become known as, "The Arber Collection", which used to belong to printer, Mr. Gary Arber ex-of Roman Road, London. Mark and I extend our deepest gratitude and thanks to Gary. We shall put the presses to work with those we already have in due course. We now have all of the parts of all the presses here in Happisburgh. Those interested are welcome to visit by appointment (by which I mean, just give me a ring to let me know you are coming). Accomodation is usually available at our local pub, The Hill House Inn, in the village of Happisburgh (Telephone 01692 650 004 to book your holiday or short break) and are happy to show folk around our collection.

We have a small composing room of some 6 frames (randoms) and, by the time the "Arber Collection" is set up, 21 commercial letterpress printing machines, including our Albion iron hand press.

Mercedes Glockner Stop Cylinder

supplied to Arbers by P.M.S. (Sales) Ltd. of Empress Street manchester 16 in 1952 with serial number 3253, this machine was used, along with the Supermatic alongside, to print many tens of thousands of BCG notices on yellow stock, during the earlier days (The UK introduced universal BCG immunization in 1953) of the campaign against tuberculaosis in schools, for 13 year olds. This printing machine coam with the optional deep-pile delivery. This consists or a belt arrangement, to carry the printed sheet over the duct and a deep pile behind the machine. It is especially usefull for particularly long runs.

Deep Plie Delivery

Photo taken during the dismatling process. See the cylinder assembly llifted, ready for transport.
See the deep pile delivery on the left. This system swings out of work to the rear. In this photo, the belt system is also raised out of work. These arranegements aloows access to the forme and bed.

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